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SHAMPOO AE (Active Type)
250mL | 600mL | 900mL | Made in Japan

Shampoo AE (Active type) can remove oil and styling product build up during gentle washing. Using this product as a pre-shampoo prior to hair coloring/ perms

Care Components

  • Sodium cocoyl apple amino acids : anionic surfactant composition equal to that of amino acid in apples to relieve tension on the scalp during washing with mild foam
  • PEG-7 glyceryl cocoate : nonionic surfactant derived from palm oil to remove oil and styling product build up without rubbing during smooth washing
  • Capryloyl glycine : conditioning component derived from amino acid to balance sebum levels and improve the scalp condition


洗髮水 AE (油脂過剩造型後)
250毫升 | 600毫升 | 900毫升 | 日本製造



  • 椰油蘋果氨基酸:負離子界面活性劑,揉出輕柔泡沫清洗頭皮
  • 椰油脂肪酸PEG-7:離子界面活性劑,輕易洗淨過剩的油脂及造型產品殘留物
  • 甘氨酸:氨基酸修護成分,平衡過剩油脂分泌
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