Founded by Mr Rocky Lai as a Dessert Master. He is passionate on making chocolate and patisserie and innovated a brand-new product – COCORON. ‘Co’ stands for COOKIE, another ‘Co’ stands for COCOA and ‘RON’ stands for MACARON. Bro’s Factory use craftsmanship to bake the COCORON and each piece of COCORON represents to our heart.

COCORON - 曲巧奇由兩層曲奇組成,當中夾著朱古力軟夾心,外層鬆脆內層黏韌,口感層次豐富。COCORON 內含三種意義,第一個 ‘CO’ 代表COOKIE (曲奇),第二個 ‘CO’ 代表 COCOA (朱古力),而最後的 ‘RON’ 代表MACARON (馬卡龍)。所有曲巧奇都是全人手製作,每個都是獨一無二,真正香港製作。

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