NYF 濕疹舒緩膏 Handmade Eczema Relief Cream


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NYF手工濕疹舒緩膏 主要成份:有機印度苦楝油、月見草、有機金盞花 功效:消炎、止癢、傷口愈合、保濕、滋潤 尤其適合:尿布疹、經前症候群、汗疹、濕疹之人士使用 此產品運用植物萃取物來製造,成份天然,適合嬰幼兒、G6PD、孕婦使用。 100% Natural • Made In Hong... Read more

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100% Natural • Made In Hong Kong



有機苦練油(印度) (Organic Neem Oil)
苦楝油是來自於苦楝樹(Neem tree, Azadirachta indica)之種籽萃取物,其含有的印楝素(Azadirachtin)和維生素E,擁有天然的甘油脂及豐富的脂肪酸,對皮膚有天然的補濕、滋潤和再生功能;苦楝油也是一種免疫系統的提振劑,有相當好的消炎、止癢作用,對皮炎、濕疹有很好的舒緩效果;其亦具有強效的抗微生物活性,同時具有殺蟲效果。

月見草(Evening primrose)

研究發現,月見草籽所搾取出的月見草油含有豐富的omega-6脂肪酸,如:亞麻油酸(linoleic acid,約占70%)和gamma-次亞麻油酸(gamma-linolenic acid,約占10%),這些脂肪酸有助於人體許多組織的正常功能,因為它們是抗發炎物質的前體,如前列腺素、細胞因子等,因而對於各類發炎性疾病有潛在幫助。

除此之外,還能改善經前症候群(premenstrual syndrome)、週期性乳房痛(cyclical mastalgia)、更年期常見的熱潮紅(Hot flashes)、改善異位性皮膚炎(Atopic Dermatitis)等等。詳情請看NYF紫草油產品介紹,連接:

有機金盞花 (Organic Calendula)
100% 天然有機,特別適合紓緩敏感脆弱肌膚,維他命F含量高達50%,並含有豐富的三萜羧酸,能有效保護、紓緩及治療肌膚,具有修護、消炎及消腫功效。根據自然療法,金盞花油能改善紓緩皮膚濕疹及皮疹問題,更能加強皮膚對抗自由基的防禦力。

此產品有不同容量,可供選擇(4.5g, 15g, 65g),詳細資料如下:
4.5g - 供sample使用
15g - 一般使用
65g - 需要大量使用(情況例如:多人使用、相關旺季/氣候使用、出門旁身等等)


【堅持用雙手給至愛造最好的】從不同地方採取優質原材料 • 100%香港製造 • 不採用動物性測試 • 植物萃取 • 100%人手製造



NYF Handmade Eczema Relief Cream

Main Ingredients: Organic Neem Oil, Evening Primrose, Organic Calendula

Benefits: Anti-inflammatory, anti-itching, wound healing, moisturizing, nourishing

Especially suitable for: diaper rash, premenstrual syndrome, heat rash, and eczema sufferers

This product is made with plant extracts and is natural, making it suitable for infants, G6PD, and pregnant women.

100% Natural • Made in Hong Kong

*Pure plant extract
*No preservatives
*No steroids
*No artificial colors

Directions for Use: Apply an appropriate amount directly to affected areas. It is recommended to use 2-4 times a day.

"Story of Product Ingredients"
Organic Neem Oil (India)
Neem oil is extracted from the seeds of the neem tree (Azadirachta indica) and contains azadirachtin and vitamin E. It has natural moisturizing, nourishing, and regenerative functions that are beneficial to the skin. Neem oil is also an immune system booster and has good anti-inflammatory and anti-itching properties, making it effective in relieving skin inflammation and eczema. It also has strong antimicrobial activity and insecticidal effects.

Evening Primrose
Native to North America (now widely distributed in Europe and some parts of Asia), Evening Primrose is a plant in the Willow family. Its oil is rich in omega-6 fatty acids, such as linoleic acid (about 70%) and gamma-linolenic acid (about 10%), which are precursors of anti-inflammatory substances such as prostaglandins and cytokines. Therefore, it has the potential to help with various inflammatory diseases. It can also improve premenstrual syndrome (PMS), cyclical mastalgia, hot flashes, and atopic dermatitis. Please refer to the NYF Purple Grass Oil Product Introduction for details.

Organic Calendula
Calendula has been revered as a sacred flower in ancient Egypt and India, and is known to delay aging. Its rich mineral phosphorus and vitamin C help clear heat and detoxify, and have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, which can accelerate wound healing. It can also help soothe pain, inflammation, and itching of the skin. Calendula also contains a variety of antioxidants, such as carotenoids and flavonoids, which can strengthen the skin's defense against free radicals and enhance its resistance to sensitivity. Due to the presence of apple acid, long-term use of calendula can effectively control acne formation.

This product is available in different sizes for selection (4.5g, 15g, 65g), detailed information as follows:
4.5g - for sample use
15g - for general use
65g - for intensive use (e.g., multi-user, peak season/climate use, on-the-go use, etc.)

*The color and taste of each batch of goods may vary due to natural ingredient extraction.
*Due to the handmade manufacturing process, there may be a 5%-10% difference in quantity.
*This product is for external use only and should not be ingested.
*Avoid contact with eyes.
*Please store in a dry, cool place below 25℃ and avoid direct sunlight.
*The product may be affected by temperatures below 15℃. If this occurs, please contact us or use body heat in a shirt/pants pocket to warm the product to the appropriate hardness for use.
*Keep out of reach of children.
*If an allergic reaction occurs after use, such as rash, difficulty breathing, facial, lip, tongue or throat swelling, seek medical attention immediately.

Brand Philosophy
"We insist on creating the best for our loved ones with our hands" - sourcing high-quality raw materials from different places, 100% made in Hong Kong, no animal testing, plant extraction, 100% handmade.


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NYF 濕疹舒緩膏 Handmade Eczema Relief Cream

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